Why has not my bid been registered on an auction?

Very occasionally, users tell us that even though they bid before the countdown ended, their bids did not get placed and the auction ends. In these instances, the most likely explanation is so-called 'Internet lag times'. These are time-delays in the transfer of data between your PC and our servers. Mostly those delays (lags) occur because single parts of the internet connection are overloaded.

This, unfortunately, is a general problem with the internet.

There are a few ways of helping minimize this problem:

  • While bidding on ProtoPenny, do not download large data such as video or audio files from the internet.
  • Don't send emails with large attachments while bidding on ProtoPenny.
  • Make sure that no other users such as family members, etc. are using the internet while you are bidding.

We're very sorry if your bid wasn't registered by the ProtoPenny servers in time. To be absolutely certain that you avoid the problem of 'Internet lag times' don't leave your bidding until the last second, or use T-matics to place your bids. You can find further information in our Terms & conditions.

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