I've placed a bid but I am currently not the highest bidder, why?

When a bid is placed, it will always be the highest bid, but might get out-bid very fast. This can happen if there are many bidders or if there's another user's T-matics bidding on the same auction too. You might not see this simply because other bids have been placed with a few seconds of each other - sometimes even within the same second!

To help you make your bidding more effective, here are some tips:

  • Look at the bidding history, check the number of bidders on the auction and the type of bid they placed. If there are only single bids, try placing a T-matics, a T-matics can not only save you tenders, but also helps you to become the highest bidder.
  • Try looking for a similar auction with fewer bidders, you can often find a similar product on auction at the same time with fewer users. You could pick up a bargain without needing to place as many bids.
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