Olympus 90-250mm f28 Zuiko Lens for E Series DSLR Camera

This powerful super-telephoto zoom lens with large-aperture!!
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Sports and nature photographers will love the versatility of this powerful yet easy to handle super-telephoto zoom lens, built specifically for digital photography. Its fast f2.8 aperture and impressive zoom range let you shoot moving subjects with confidence while its splashproof, dustproof design and all-metal barrel construction provide extreme durability in any environment. Three ED glass lenses provide outstanding image quality with optimal resolution and contrast. A built-in computer microprocessor communicates directly with the camera's software to correct lens distortions, shading, and exposure information for even further image accuracy.

The sophisticated line of Zuiko Digital lenses is designed to professional standards to provide professional results in every facet of their use. Coreless motors provide impressive speed. A dedicated computer processor supplies intuitive image data transfer. A wide focal range gives you the flexibility to perfectly frame and capture detailed images near and far. Precision crafted optics--including fine aspherical and ED glass elements--produce the finest image results. And a digital specific design based on the Four Thirds System makes this lens virtually effortless to carry and use. This is not a lens built specifically for the E-1 Digital SLR; it is a lens built specifically for you.

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This powerful super-telephoto zoom lens with large-aperture (fixed F stop type) is equivalent to 180-500mm on a 35mm camera. Only fixed focal super-telephoto lens could have provided wide-open F2.8 shots in the past, however, this lens provides F2.8 shots in entire zoom area. Therefore, it can give the best framing at once even if you are in the restrained shooting spot. The best choice for the nature and sports photographer. Luxurious three ED lenses are used to give the highest image quality with optimal resolution and contrast.

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