HTC Shift X9500 Quad Band GSM Cell Phone Mobile Computer

Phone is Unlocked! Adjustable 7-inch touch screen.
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Product details

  • Always-on access to critical information with HTC SnapVUE
  • Receive instant e-mails with Microsoft Direct Push technology up to 2 days on battery standby
  • Powerful enough to give you the Windows Vista experience
  • Revolutionary small form factor gives you portability without compromising mobility
  • Adjustable 7-inch touch screen
  • The unlocked HTC Shift X9500 Quad Band GSM Cell Phone Mobile Computer has been designed for the mobile professional who is tired of compromises. Where once you traded productivity for portability, now there is no need for compromise. Experience a new era in mobile computing with the HTC Shift. Powerful enough to run Windows Vista Business, the HTC Shift has the optimal blend of portability and functionality, giving you uncompromised performance while on the move. HTC Shift features SnapVUE, an always-on mode that provides you instant access to critical information -- including e-mail previews, local weather, calendar, and SMS -- even if the device is not switched on. Push e-mail gives you instant alerts whenever you have new Outlook e-mails. Through Wi-Fi or 3.5G high-speed connectivity, you enjoy the ultimate productivity and highest fidelity Internet experience around. HTC Shift also features a 7-inch touch sensitive screen that slides out and tilts to a comfortable angle. It has a full, slide-out QWERTY keyboard for convenient messaging and text input. A built-in fingerprint sensor is provided for increased security. Mouse buttons and microPad Worldwide UMTS with HSDPA Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi USB 2.0 connectivity Fingerprint sensor Processor/Chipset - Qualcomm MSM 7200, 400 MHz - Intel low power processor, 800 MHz Memory - ROM - 128MB RAM - 1GB DDR2 microDIMM for Vista 40GB Hard Drive with G sensor 7 800x480 Resolution Color TFT LCD with LED backlight and Touch Screen WiFi 802.11b/g capability microPad Mouse pad Compatible with 3G Built-in microphone and Dual speakers Removable and chargeable Lithium ion polymer battery, 2800mAh - AC adapter / AC input - 100~240V, 50/60Hz Microsoft Windows Vista Business + Origami Pack, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player 11, Games as preinstalled by manufacturer Not sold with a USA manufacturer's warranty

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