Universal MX6000 Touch Screen Remote

2-Way Control of Apple iPod, iTunes, or Windows Media Player
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The revolutionary MX-6000 brings the power of WiFi networking to the home theater, without compro-mising simplicity.The MX-6000 is the first home the-ater remote control to offer two independent communications and control methods simultaneously. The MX-6000 provides both a narrow band 418 MHz transmitter for instant control of conventional home theater components and a WiFi transceiver for high speed transfer of cover art, artist, album and title metadata.

  • 802.11b/g WiFi Capable Intenet Browsing
  • 2-Way Control of Apple iPod, iTunes, or Windows Media Player
  • Lighting Control of URC/Lutron Dimmers
  • IR/RF/RS232 Capable for Control of Electronics Componets
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