Marantz UD9004 Flagship Universal Player Black

Universal Disc Player, playback Super Audio CD, Blu-ray, DVD-Video/Audio, CD
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Super Audio CD, Blu-ray, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, CD Universal Disc Player, Compatible with Super Audio CD(Stereo/Multi-Channel), CD, BD, DVD, DVD-A, plus more, Upgraded Marantz M1 Chassis w/Copper Plated “Tri-box” Construction, Stiff Top Cover, Solid Copper Feet – Increases Chassis Rigidity & helps reduce mechanical noise, Marantz Reference series based internal design – Signal Path, Layout, Shielding, etc., Audio circuit derived from the Marantz Flagship Supur Audio CD/CD Player SA-7S1, Copper Shielded Toroidal Power Transformer, Balanced Outputs for Left and Right Channels, Marantz Proprietary HDAMs, New in-house designed Precision Laser Assembly, Dual HDMI Outputs with Native Direct Outputs – 1 for Audio & 1 for Video, Silicon Optix Video Processor (297MHz/14Bit), High Quality Onboard Decoding of Dolby TrueHD & dts HD Master Audio, 7.1 Channel Analog outputs, Vertical Stretch Circuitry Built-in, RS-232C for Custom Installation, Flasher Inputs, Discrete Commands, Center Mount Design, Profile 2.0 for BD Live and Upgrades/Updates, Perfect for matching to a REF system for the best Multi-CH experience, Combine with any High Quality projector

  • Universal Disc Player, playback Super Audio CD, Blu-ray, DVD-Video/Audio, CD
  • Silicon Optix Video Processor
  • High end-audio grade audio circuits
  • BD-Live compatible
  • Firmware updatable via Internet
  • Contents of package may vary from those pictured.

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