Makita G12010R 12,000 Watt Generator with Electric Start

8+ hours of operation from a full fuel tank!
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Makita G12010R 12,000W Portable Generator (Electric Start)Makita owes its reputation for building outstanding quality power tools to the drive and determination for excellence that began over 85 years ago as a manufacturer of electric motors. In 1958, Makita introduced their first electric tool and today Makita is one of the world's largest power tool manufacturers.Makita G12010R 12,000W Portable Generator (Electric Start) Features:; Durability - High Output Capacity for Demanding Situations; Feature OSHA approved receptables; Commercial-duty steel gas tank; All ball bearing supported, forged steel crankshaft; Cast-in-place cylinder liner made from high carbon steel; Water resistant louvers (IP235 rating) to protect the electrical components; Bubber feet/mounts to reduce vibration; 8+ hours of operation from a full fuel tank; Electronic voltage regulator for more accurate voltage ouput; Fuel gauge for easy monitoring; GFCI safety receptable & USDA approved spark arresting muffler; Dual voltage - 120V/240V output; Electric starter with automatic choke; Automatic idle control reduces engine to low RPM operation during no load draws, reducing fuel consumption & engine wearMakita G12010R 12,000W Portable Generator (Electric Start) Specifications:; INCLUDES:- Tool kit (227-90301-10)- 2 ea. Ignition key (066-00099-90)- Generator Max. Output Current 12,000W/100A Rated Output Current 9,500W/83.3A Volts AC (60Hz) 120/240 Volts DC (AMPS) 12 (8.3) - Engine Model EH65D Maximum H.P./RPM 22.0/3,600 Displacement (cc.) 653 Fuel Tank Capacity (ga.) 11.4 Continuous Operation (hrs.) 8.2 Noise level (dB) @ rated output, 7M, 60Hz 77 - Receptacles: A, B, C, D (L14-20R) - Size (LxWxH): 32.5' x 24.125' x 30.375' - Dry Weight (lbs.): 311 - Shipping Weight (lbs.): 316.0 - UPC Code: 088381063234

  • Automatic idle control reduces engine to low RPM operation during no load draws, reducing fuel consumption & engine wear
  • Commercial-duty steel gas tank
  • Water resistant louvers (IP235 rating) to protect the electrical components
  • 8+ hours of operation from a full fuel tank
  • Electronic voltage regulator for more accurate voltage ouput
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