Kenwood Excelon DNX9140 In-Dash Double-Din

DVD Multimedia AV Receiver (Black)
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The Kenwood Excelon DNX9140 navigation receiver gives you turn-by-turn directions from its internal Garmin navigation system, plus built-in Bluetooth for safer hands-free calling. The DNX9140's VGA screen boasts a level of detail and brightness that's steps ahead of lesser models, for vibrant movie playback when you're parked, and outstanding detail and clarity when you're using the intuitive menus and navigation features.

  • 2DIN 6.98¿ Wide VGA TFT Active Matrix Display with Reverse Tilt Mechanism
  • Built-in Advanced Garmin Navigation With USA, Canada, PR, Alaska, Hawaii Mapping
  • Built-In Bluetooth by Parrot
  • MSN Direct Ready (KNA-M100) / TMC Traffic Ready (GTM10)
  • iPhone/iPod Audio Video USB Direct Control With Alphabet Search
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