Aviva Sports Inflatable Iceberg - 14 Feet Tall

Weighs 405 pounds!!
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Never before have water activities been so fun! This 14' moutain-sized load of adventure is sure to make your weekend at the lake or pool an event to remember. Three sides of different climbing difficulty will keep every age group involved and the fourth side for sliding sliding into the water, over and over will never get old!


  • Iceberg climbing wall is from 28 ounce 1100 DTEX commercial grade PVC
  • Commercial grade valves allow for simple inflation and deflation
  • Seams to climber are heat and radio frequency welded
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Great design - designed for kids so safety and imagination come first
  • Compact ability - deflates with a manual or electric pump to conveniently fold and store (not included)
  • Intented for creating water parks and water playgrounds
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